serious people are useless


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Occupation: student

Loves: JAPAN, food (almost everything but ), cooking, reading, MUSIC, walking (seriously, if everything else failed, I would probably get to Japan walking and swimming)

Hates: when people don't even try to consider other's pov. Oh, and I hate to hate. XD

Strong points: it comes natural to me to consider different scenarios and pov; I'm open minded and I never get angry (well, almost)

Weak points: I procrastinate A LOT, and then, I forget (that's probably why I didn't reply to some of you, sorry m(_ _)m)

What's creepy about me: when I wash dishes I suddenly feel like anything can't go wrong.

I'm not writing anything personal on my journal, just because I prefer one-to-one conversations. If you want to know something feel free to ask me directly, I'll do my best to answer you.

Credits: Kiyoharu mood theme cinis; profile code: fruitstyle (I just changed the pic e some colors; layout: believe it or not I did it myself but all I've learnt it's from tutorialayouts.